Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wayne Carini Of Chasing Classic Cars

I recently met Wayne Carini, Ferrari expert and master restorer at his shop in Connecticut. Wayne is the Star of Chasing Classic Cars on HD Theater.
I had been telling my friends and family and anyone else who would listen, that I wanted to meet Wayne. I enjoy his expert advice on restoring and preparing cars for auction. Not that I have anything in the same ballpark as Wayne, he loves Ferrari’s the same way I love Pontiacs, we also both fell in love with our respective brands at a very young age.

It was great meeting him, and he even took the time to look at my 2011 Synergy Green Camaro SS. His comment was, “Boy GM must love all the people buying this new Camaro!”, and of course I agreed.

Here are a few pictures of that day, one I will remember fondly!

Don't forget you can click on any pic to make it bigger ...

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